Waswirbieten1Waswirbieten2We stand for the professional translation of your papers to furnish you a document legally valid for official use:
You get both certified translations into your requested foreign language or from a foreign language into German.

Of course, we advise you on which documents you need for your special purpose and which not, before we start translating.
Moreover, we inform you of requirements such as the additional authentication of official signatures on your documents by an Apostille or other legalization.Waswirbieten3

Then you receive in advance an exact estimate of cost to be on the safe side even in this regard!


We translate for you:

Personal status papers

Driver's licenses

Residence certificates

Divorce decrees

Certificates, diplomas

Certificates of nationality

Certificates of inheritance

Police clearances


Custody decisions

Property / Real estate transactions

Business contracts

General terms and conditions

Annual financial statements, annual reports

Tax returns

Employment contracts

Quality specifications

Commercial registers

Land registers.


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Personal status papers Property / Real estate transactions

Driver's licenses Business contracts

Residence certificates General terms and conditions

Divorce decrees Annual financial statements, annual reports

Certificates, diplomas Tax returns

Certificates of nationality Employment contracts

Certificates of inheritance Quality specifications

Police clearances Commercial registers

Judgments Land registers.

Custody decisions etc.